Kryštof Herold

Translation, interpreting, and other language services

They say Czech is a magical language. And that is why you need a wizard to get the most out of it. Experienced in many fields of translation, I am a freelance English–Czech translator & interpreter with MA in Translation & Interpreting Studies, eager to learn new things, ready to create magical Czech texts for you.

Language services

Translation, transcreation, localization, what have you. Studies, papers, articles, newsletters, books? A one-time job or a long-term project? Entering the Czech market? Extending your team?

Interpreting. Looking for Czech interpreters for an international conference? Having a meeting with your Czech partners who prefer interpreting to their English? Visiting Czechia without a clue about the language?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t hesitate and get in touch. I’ll get back to you asap!

Why me?

Experience. I’ve been a translator for more than 5 years and I graduated from the best Czech university program in the field. Before I start translating, I always analyze the text, its character, and intention very carefully. The result, then, is not just a pile of words dressed up as another language, but a real message.

Reliability. I know your schedule is at least as tight as mine. Whatever date I agree on with my clients, I always do my best and meet the deadline. It sounds trivial, but—frankly—how many times have you seen people around you not managing their time?

Value. Translation, that’s not only a text. Be it proofreading of the Czech source document, a typography clean-up, advice regarding communication within the Czech discourse and culture, or a link to a funny video with kittens, I always offer something extra. Are you in? It’s your call.