Kryštof Herold

Translation, interpreting, and other language services

They say Czech is a magical language. And that is why you need a wizard to get the most out of it. Experienced in many fields of translation, I am a freelance English–Czech translator & interpreter with MA in Translation & Interpreting Studies, eager to learn new things, ready to create magical Czech texts for you.

So you’re looking for a translator

Do you need a professional translation from/to Czech? Are you looking for a Czech interpreter to accompany you in the Czech Republic? Let’s get in touch! I’ll reply ASAP.

Of course you can send me a regular email or contact me through a social network of your choice.

Why me?

Experience. I’ve been a translator for several years and I graduated from the best Czech university program in the field. Before I start translating, I always analyze the text, its character, and intention very carefully. The result, then, is not just a pile of words dressed up as another language, but a real message.

Reliability. I know your schedule is at least as tight as mine. Whatever date I agree on with my clients, I always do my best and meet the deadline. It sounds trivial, but—frankly—how many times have you seen people around you not managing their time. It’s human, but with me you don’t have to worry.

Value. Translation, that’s not only a text. Be it proofreading of the Czech source document, a typography clean-up, advice regarding communication within the Czech discourse and culture, or a link to a funny video with kittens, I always offer something extra. Are you in? It’s your call.